Vision & Mission

We seek to create a diverse organization focused on providing the best opportunities for its employees, partners, and clients. We endeavor to establish a synergistic operating model that expertly leverages the assets of multiple companies from selected industries.

Better with Baron

Our Company specializes in all areas of real estate, including development, investment, management, brokerage, and ownership. We continue to be an industry leader for developing retail shopping centers, office buildings, industrial warehouses, and multi-family properties throughout Florida's fastest growing cities.

Regardless of the size or scope of any project, our focus is always directed towards both the client and the community we are impacting. For us, each and every opportunity is regarded as unique, with its own set of needs and circumstances. This philosophy also extends to the neighborhoods and towns we work in. We understand that trust is earned, which is why we work tirelessly to honor each and every relationship, as we foster and grow that confidence. We do it one relationship at a time, person-to-person, constituency by constituency, project after project.
Jeremiah Baron Companies - Florida’s trusted name in real estate.


Our vision is to establish a synergistic operating model that efficiently leverages the assets of multiple companies from various market segments in their selected industries. We operate under the guiding principle of delivering the ultimate service experience for our clients, as we continue to be a visionary leader in Florida’s growing communities.

Dream Fearlessly.


Our mission is to create a diversified and fully integrated conglomerate focused on providing growth for its employees, value for its partners, and the ultimate service experience for its clients. The Organization’s focus is always directed toward our client and the community, with the goal of being a cherished ambassador of good-will by respecting the wishes of the people and planners we serve.

Committed To Client 
Satisfaction And Trust

Jeremiah Baron and his dedicated estate experts are committed to delivering remarkable service across all markets. Our exceptional team draws inspiration from our neighbors in the community and by getting to know them every single day. Our goal is to continuously deliver excellence inline with our client’s goals. We aim to always earn the trust of our clients and our community by providing world class service in everything we do.
“We treat all clients the same. Whether they are leasing 1,000-square-foot office space or buying a $20 million shopping center."
Jeremiah Baron, Founder
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