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With over 20 years of successful real estate sales experience, Jeremiah has proven himself as a fearless and confident leader, earning the title of The Treasure Coasts Most Trusted Name In Real Estate. In the two decades he has spent specializing in the Treasure Coast market, he has introduced new thinking to the industry in all areas of development, sales, and team building. In 2011 he followed his entrepreneurial passion and began building a conglomerate business to leverage his multifaceted skill set and interests.

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About Jeremiah

Jeremiah’s primary goal is to provide excellent customer care — this objective is behind every decision he makes.

Specializing in the Treasure Coast market for over two decades, by leveraging his diverse skill sets, Jeremiah has closed and overseen over a billion dollars in real estate transactions in retail, restaurant, office markets, industrial, and income producing properties.

His exceptional project management skills and ability to clearly communicate complex transactional issues, has led his organization to frequent innovative collaborations with other distinguished real estate development firms.

Together they have produced projects with an aggregate value of over half a billion dollars of under development and completed projects. These projects include: Baron Shoppes of Stuart, multiple Auto Vault projects, Baron Landings, and more.

With the best education a person can come by — lived experience and hard work, Jeremiah spent many years managing and growing his organization while fine-tuning his expertise in transactional selling, leadership, training, development, advising, and overall organization growth. Jeremiah’s strength and superior leadership skills, honed as a direct result of his many years of experience, can be seen permeating his entire organization and subsidiary companies.

Beyond his talent for quickly solving problems and generating immediate returns, he has a skill for organizing company reinventions across the entire spectrum of business. He believes in establishing a culture to serve as the foundation that an organization can continue to build on well into the future. He leaves the organization and its people firmly grounded for sustainable growth with unlimited potential.

A philanthropist and a longtime supporter of education, Jeremiah created the Baron Academy for Autistic Children. He firmly believes in using his platform to be an agent of change. Being a positive role model, while providing services and resources to those most in need, he continues to be guided by his core principles of commitment, dedication, and respect.

Jeremiah Baron Companies. Building the Future. Together.

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Mission & Vision

To inspire growth and prosperity in our communities with world-class real estate services. To deliver excellence through innovation and by giving back to our neighbors in all areas of real estate that continuously inspires our communities to thrive.

Jeremiah’s Book

Chronicling his background story, how he came to be in the industry, and how he has built a real estate empire. Jeremiah Baron’s book “Generating your first million in commercial real estate” contains a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in the real estate industry.

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