Jamison Weeks is Florida native who’s lived in St Lucie and Martin County for over 40 years. Jamison has over 10 years of management experience as well as 8 years of experience in construction and site development. Jamison is responsible for overseeing the companies residential and commercial development projects.

As a project manager I am tasked with making sure we as a team, streamline and manage each project taking into consideration cost and time. I have over 30 years of experience in multiple areas of construction. I was Born and raised in Texas and New Mexico. “Project management is not equal to completion. Rather, it’s equal to progress, where you plan it all – gather resources, set targets and deadlines for every item on the list and then manage each step of how those items get done.

Bio coming soon!

Having spent over a decade in the medical field, working bed side & in management, Ashley’s attention to detail and ability to adapt are just some of the strengths she brings to the Baron Development Team.  Ashley works best under pressure and thrives in fast-paced environment, this makes her a fundamental part of the project execution & completion. At present Ashley manages over 1 million square feet in commercial and residential properties.

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