Acquisition | Gena Road Parcels - Port St Lucie, FL

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Jeremiah Baron & Co Unveils Gena Road Parcels: A Blend of Restoration and Innovation in Single-Family Homes

[Treasure Coast, January 2021] – Jeremiah Baron & Co proudly announces the acquisition of the Gena Road parcels, a transformative development that combines the restoration of an existing single-family home with the addition of four brand-new, meticulously designed single-family homes. Each residence is thoughtfully crafted with modern amenities and conveniences, setting a new standard for comfortable and contemporary living.

The restoration of the existing single-family home reflects Jeremiah Baron & Co's commitment to preserving the architectural heritage of the community while introducing modern elements that enhance overall livability. The four new homes, constructed with careful consideration, showcase the company's dedication to providing innovative housing solutions.